Two Old Men

Chuckle:  The one-word Daily Prompt


The old man sitting on the park bench chuckled. It was loud enough for the person sitting next to him to hear, and that person looked out of the sides of his eyes at the old man before rapidly gathering his jacket and moving away.

The old man chuckled again. No one heard him this time. He waited. Soon, a young mother and her two little ones perched on the end of his bench. The children ran off to the swings, and the old man chuckled.

The hair on the young woman’s arms stood up straight, and she popped up from her seat and quickly followed her children.


The next visitor was another old man. They sat quietly for a while. The newcomer then asked, “So, how many have you scared off so far today?”

“Only two, but it’s early.  You?”

“Five. But one of them found a cop, so I made myself scarce.  More fun than a barrel of monkeys.”


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