PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast  

“What on Earth!” exclaimed Zing, horrified.

“Wait and see. It may not be as bad as it looks,” reasoned Zang.

The two aliens, invisible on the deep windowsill, enjoyed the warm kitchen. They watched as the woman flattened some brownish matter with a wooden roller, using pre-formed cutters to create shapes. She hummed as she worked, popping those shapes into a hot oven.

Children burst into the room, cheeks rosy from the out-of-doors. “Cookies! Can we have one?”

“After you decorate them,” smiled the woman.

“So they aren’t roasted humans,” Zang said. “You can relax.”

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Guiding Light


Zing and Zang had been away from Earth, called back to their home planet of Zirkon to be debriefed and enjoy some Zirkonian R&R.

They rapidly descended toward their old neighborhood.

“Ugh!” exclaimed Zing. “It’s still winter, and it’s going to be SO cold! They could have waited a bit and sent us back when the weather was better!

“Don’t start! You’re always complaining! At least they left a light on for us, and it will be warm in the house.”

In silence, they came to rest and went inside.

“Maybe you should request a new partner.”

“Maybe I should.”

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“Come!” whispered the voice of a siren. “You know you want to! Come, explore, enjoy, relax. . . your future is here with us!”

Curiosity outweighed fear. She took one step forward, focusing on the arch at the far side of the circle. Dark, velvety, warm, beckoning. . . .

“Yesssss, that’s right! You won’t regret it! Come, come. We love you! We’ll treasure you! We understand you! Come!”

A shiver rolled over her body from head to toe, pimpling her skin as it passed. She hesitated, feeling the pull of those arches; feeling the chill in her soul.

“Come!” She sensed the evil, too late.



Jem’s feet pressed into the cold, hard sand. He watched the sun inch down gloriously behind the clouds. He would watch daily until he could no longer stand upright, or use the steps.

He’d built the steps years ago, when he’d first landed. Tore his little dinghy apart, used the boards and nails. The steps were rickety, but kept him out of the way of the daily tides. Using the tools from the boat, he’d erected a shelter of sorts. Hunted for food. Found fresh water.

Over time, he learned there is no loneliness like forever alone.

Wanna Bet?

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“No way, man.”

“Yes way. Wanna bet? You lose, you buy lunch. I lose, I buy. But I won’t lose.”

“Running start, halfway down the hall, you turn around, lob it over your shoulder into the box at the bottom.”

“Yup. You call ‘ready.’

“Ready, set, GO!”

Cam, holding the ball between his thumb and first two fingers, loped down the hall to the midpoint, dance-turned on his toes, and lobbed the ball. It arced, dropped, and settled into the box. Plunk. Done.

“Dude. That’ amazing!” breathed Zeke. ‘

Grinning, Cam replied, “Talent, man. Pure talent. What’s for lunch?”


I have to give credit where it’s due. I just saw this video on my news feed. Really amazing stuff 🙂 When you click on the link, you’ll get a message that it’s unavailable. No worries. Just click the “view on Facebook” option )