A Good Memory


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It’s surprising, sometimes, the memories that one simple word can evoke. This time it’s a memory of a genuine, all-you-can-eat Southern fish fry.

My parents spent the last 25 years of Dad’s life and ministry in a little town in South Carolina.  We were there on a visit, and Dad decided we needed to experience eating at a Fish Shack.  Maybe that doesn’t need to be capitalized, but I’ll give it that much respect 🙂

The food was wonderful.  Fish fried to perfection, french fries the same, with just the right amount of salt. Seems like there were hush puppies, too. It was great.

bubba-s-fish-shack348s  There were long tables. You sat with

whoever was already there, family style, and getting to know people was part of the fun.  It was extremely busy, a full house with people coming and going the whole time we were there.

As a special treat, Dad got us all a Hershey Bar for dessert.  Surprised me, as he really wasn’t much of a chocoholic.

I am.



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