Test of Patience

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Did you ever teach a child to knit?  You find out how patient you are; you learn how effective a teacher you are.  You learn about hand-eye coordination; you learn about clear communication.  You learn that what is as natural as breathing for you is very confusing for someone else.  You also remember how hard you worked when you were learning to knit!  I ripped out yards and yards of stitching before I came up with a decent-looking finished piece.  It’s so hard for a little girl to be patient.  She wants to make something RIGHT NOW!!

So we’ll keep pegging away at it.  I even found a good video about teaching children to knit.  Love the internet.


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Friday Today?

Linda's Bible Study

Boy.  When I’m not following my normal routine, I tend to lose track of the days.  It’s Friday, I guess 🙂  Sheila is at work for the morning, and Ken is sleeping.  He got in around 5 a.m.  He took the week off, starting now, I think, so he an be available to us more. No, wait. He probably has to work tonight, too. 

Anyway.  A couple of years ago we bought Kyle and Ivan a Boe-Bot kit that was actually beyond their reach at the time.  We kept it, hoping to figure it out, but never really did.  So we brought it with us on the trip, and Kyle and Ivan are fiddling with it now. We got as far as installing the program on their laptop, and connecting the ports etc.  Now they’re trying to figure out what to do next to program the “breadboard,” whatever that means…

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Sioux Falls, South Dakotah

Linda's Bible Study

We made it in excellent time.  It was a bit over 500 miles, and we were here around 3.  The speed limit, once you leave Fargo and drop south to Sioux Falls, is 75 mph, which helped a whole lot. 


It’s hot here, got to 93 degrees today.  Humidity or not, I was very thankful for air conditioning!  

It was so good to see my three gandkids here after a year and a half.  Wonderful to see Ken and Sheila, too, of course 🙂  But getting my hands on those kids was just wonderful.  Kyle is about 4 inches taller than I; Ivan is  maybe one or two inches taller.  Alayna is nearly up to my shoulder.  They do a heap of growing in 1 1/2 years, that’s for sure. 

We are so thankful to Ed and Betty, who brought us all the way out here.  Ed is a…

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Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Linda's Bible Study

Whew.  300+ miles later, we just got checked in to our motel for the night.  This will be the last stop before we head out for Souix Falls in the morning, and it’s going to be a very long day in the car, probably 10 hours.  My body aches just thinking about it. 

Today we’re visiting Gary, Terry’s best friend during his college years and best man at our wedding. Image After we got checked in, Gary came and picked Terry up.  He’ll be back in an hour or so to get the rest of us.  We all felt the need to stretch out for a few minutes before meeting Gary and his wife for supper at their place. 

Renewing these old friendships has been very good for Terry. They’ve all enjoyed getting to know each other again, and reliving the “old days.”   Even thought Ed and Betty and I…

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Iron River

Linda's Bible Study

It’s beautiful here in Ice Lake.  We’re in a motel that looks right out on the lake. Very peaceful and relaxing. Two adult geese just went swimming by with a little gaggle of babies in single file between them.  It’s cool, nice breeze coing in through the windows.  One thing I’d forgotten, though is the the mosquitImageos have absolutely no shame. They attack instantly, and telegraph to all their little buddies that Linda is back in Iron River! They’re gathering on the screen as I type, looking for any timy little hole that will let them come in and torture me. 

We’re meeting some childhood friends of Terry’s soon, getting pizza from the Riverside Pizzeria.  Best pizza I’ve ever had bar none.  It’s been maybe 30 years since I had it, and I hope it’s still just as good as it was back then.

This trip is something of…

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Are We There Yet?

Linda's Bible Study

Surely someone, somewhere, has written a poem or a song using this line.  I just did a quick Google, and there is sure enough a little kids’ book with this title.  So maybe that will be my goal tomorrow or the next day–a silly poem about “Daddy, are we there yet?  I really want to know, ’cause I’m really tired of riding, and I REALLY gotta go!”  

There’s the start.  Anyone feel like chiming in, help yourself 🙂


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Taking a Break

This blog and my other one are taking a break.  We’ll be back to normal postings on June 9.

Linda's Bible Study

I’ve been home for a whole week, loving every minute of sleeping until I feel like waking up, having no need to get all gussied up every day to go to work, getting some things done around here. 

Tomorrow, that’s going to change!  We’re going on a road trip with some close friends.  Can’t wait!  Good times!

I’ll be taking my laptop, hope to stop in now and then, but my normal posts will not appear again until June 9. So until then, happy trails! 

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