Modern Art?

PHOTO PROMPT © Carole Erdman-Grant

It sat out in the middle of nowhere. Empty, abandoned, it was representative of the whole town. Few people remained, but what was left of this little strip mall still got quite a bit of attention.

Graffiti artists plied their trade without fear of legal trouble. No one cared. The building had been covered, painted over, repainted so many times that there was no way of knowing how it had looked originally.

Messages in code were left. The occasional foul language was quickly painted over. Sometimes, artists worked together to create murals.

There was no harm done.



PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Elsa wasn’t supposed to have survived the winter. She as old. She had congestive heart failure. Frail and fading, she had endured the long dark winter. Every morning, she was disappointed when she woke up alive.

Then spring came. The air softened. The days lengthened. She wanted to feel the sun on her old bones at least one more time before Death came to call.

Her son set up her favorite outdoor chair, setting it firmly in the late-snow-slushed ground.

They found her an hour later, upright, head resting on the back of her chair. At peace.

Blue Monday

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“Well! What’s the occasion?” asked Cathy.

“No occasion,” replied Denny. “Just wanted to give you a treat to start our long weekend.”

“Looks delicious,” she replied. She picked up her fork, and ate the raw veggies. “I can’t have the cheese and sausage, you know. Too calorie-dense.”

“Okay, just shift them to my plate.”

“One piece of toast, no butter. I’ll dip it in my eggs. You can have the rest.”

“Can’t you take a break from all that this weekend?”

“And have a blue Monday? There’s plenty of salad in the fridge.”

He sighed.