Cool Stuff

Image © Lisa Fox

Terry was beaming. “Linda, look at this. Boy, I’d love to get hold of it and clean it all up, get it running. . . .”

“But why? You already have a motorcycle, a whole lot newer and better-looking than that!”

“Humph. I can tell you’re not a true Biker Babe. It’s a Harley! It’s the mother of all motorcycles!”

“Uhuh.” Linda wandered to another area of the huge warehouse, full of antiques and, frankly, junk. But then she saw IT, and stopped in her tracks.

“Terry, look! It’s an original Singer sewing machine just like my Mom had!”

“Uhuh. Nice. We done?”


Timmy Can Fix it!


Timmy loved all things mechanical. He was the kid who took clocks apart–the old-fashioned kind, not the e-gadgets. Sometimes, when he put them back together, they worked!

He was soon repairing toasters, space heaters, and lawnmowers. As he came into his pre-teens, he had already gained fame in the neighborhood. Something broken? Timmy could fix it!

Then his interests turned toward engines of all kinds, especially car engines.

When his dad came home before he could get the engine together, Timmy went and hid in the woods until he figured Dad’s temper had cooled off.


I’m late by my own standards. I usually get these done on Wednesday. I’ve had a tough week with ongoing lumbar pain. Serious pain seriously saps one’s energy. Saw my pain doc on Tuesday, changed up my meds a bit, feeling like things have settled down a bit already. Anyway, the delay helped me with this one. I was stuck yesterday, but saw my story immediately when I looked at the picture again today 🙂

PHOTO PROMPT© Jennifer Pendergast

“See those eyes? Right next to each other!”

“You have a vivid imagination.”

“No, LOOK! It’s almost like there are eyeglasses!”

“You see animals in clouds, too, right?”

“Wait–oh no! L-l-look–the ice is breaking. . .”

“Oh puhleeze! It’s not frozen that deep. There’s a current.”

“I’m getting out of here! You’d better run!”

“Nope. Not afraid of monsters.”

And then a deep, rumbling, earth-shaking growl came from the the stream. “You should be afraid! The Ice Man cometh!”