United Nations

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

On a sultry New York summer day, the streets were thronged with people looking for air. What they found tantalized their taste buds, beckoning them to try a taste of everything.

People were relaxed, enjoying a lunch hour or the end of their work day. As they pressed toward a food stand, no one was rude. There were Asians, Jews, Africans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans; tourists from around the world.

It was a better United Nations. Each person was just looking for some good food. No one was trying to control anyone else’s thinking, choices, or tastes.


Book Cat

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Don’t look so surprised. Everyone’s heard of bookworms, right? So I figure, why not book cats?

After all, some of the most important stories have cats. Think of “Puss in Boots,” for instance. Or the story of that silly little girl, Alice, who wanders in Wonderland. If it weren’t for the Cheshire Cat, she wouldn’t have survived!

And I have to give a nod to our friend Dr. Seuss, who wrote The Cat in the Hat, and The Cat in the Hat Came Back. Of course he did. Cats are survivors!

Every good story has a cat. Or several.


No Warm Welcome

The traveller rode in a sleek tour bus, comfortable and safe. He slept for a few hours, and woke only when the bus slowed and pulled into the depot.

He looked out his window. Roiling, boiling clouds dark with rain made it hard to know if it was noon or midnight.

There were a few lights here and there. Mostly empty windows, and even where there were lights they were cold, forbidding.
He snuggled back down into his seat, wrapped his long coat over his legs, and went back to sleep.

There would be a better place up the road somewhere.