Sweet Revenge

PHOTO PROMPT ©JHardy Carroll

Lily hated the locker room. She hated her skinny legs and arms, and the way the other girls grinned at her skinny flat-chested body. She hated the showers most of all. It was torture for her to walk naked into the steaming room, hearing the giggling of other girls when they saw her, knowing they thought she was hideous.

Whoever wanted teen girls to shower together at the same time was a fiend. A perverted fiend at that!

But she endured. Now, no one laughed. Now, she was the highest-paid fashion model in the world.


Blind Date

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Beth waited, gazing out the window of the little cafe. She watched cars come and go; families, couples, friends all enjoyed their meals and left while she waited. . . .

Across town, Allen waited, wondering if Beth, his blind date, was ever going to show up. Finally, with a great big question mark in his mind, he left.
“Never again,” he vowed.

Beth called her friend Sharon from the cafe just before she left.

“WHAT? I just spoke to him, and he said YOU never showed!”

They finally met, still laughing about their near-miss many years later.

Powdered Death


“I wonder why that pretty little pink one is for sale?” Audrianna grabbed Jules’ hand. “Could we look? I love it!”

“Audri, we haven’t the time or the money for that now. Wait until we’ve been able to save!”

But Audri didn’t understand wait.

That night, she found her cache of powdered death and dropped just enough in Jules’ drink to send him off with very little pain or mess.

Once the formalities were over, a “natural causes” death declared, Audri began her campaign to win the boat.

She always got what she wanted.

Could be Worse!

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“I hate floods!”

“No one loves them, unless there’s been a drought, I suppose.”

“This is just nasty, Dad. Dead snakes in the basement, stinking water halfway up the walls. And all this filthy sea weed gunk! What good is it, anyway?”

“You’re having quite an attitude, Son.” Dad stopped, leaned on his rake, and said, “It could be worse, you know.”

“Yeah? I don’t see how!”

“Well, we could live where the snakes are alive and poisonous. We could have to haul water from a dirty stream. We could have to eat grasshoppers and beetles.”