Powdered Death


“I wonder why that pretty little pink one is for sale?” Audrianna grabbed Jules’ hand. “Could we look? I love it!”

“Audri, we haven’t the time or the money for that now. Wait until we’ve been able to save!”

But Audri didn’t understand wait.

That night, she found her cache of powdered death and dropped just enough in Jules’ drink to send him off with very little pain or mess.

Once the formalities were over, a “natural causes” death declared, Audri began her campaign to win the boat.

She always got what she wanted.


31 thoughts on “Powdered Death

  1. Getting what she wants is not the same as getting what she deserves. I expect she will need a skipper to sail her boat, until she has had enough and moves onto something else. Strange, I know a few people just like her.

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