Magic Key

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

Candy was excited to start typing class! At 15, she knew what she wanted: Marriage, two children, and a secretarial job. Typing was the magic key to her career.

She married. Divorced. Re-married, had two babies. Found ways to use her skills doing typing jobs at home.

Soon she had a business, to her astonishment. She had filing cabinets, customers, even a girl to answer the phone. Over time, she progressed to an electric typewriter, a word processor, a PC, a laptop.

Husband, children, career. Typing class really was the magic key to her happily ever after.


Is It a Bird? A Plane? A CAR?!

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Poor Zing and Zang had to clue this time. It made no sense to them.

“What’s a Rockin’ Roger? What’s a 50’s diner? Why would you have a diner in an old car? Why would you stick it up so high? Even earth people aren’t that tall!” Zang slumped in dismay. He’d learned to love earth food, especially burgers, fries, and malted milk shakes.

Zing pondered. “Let’s go invisible, teleport up there, and check it from the inside.”

“Okay. Ready? Go!”

“It’s empty. And dusty. No earth people at all.”

“I see McDonald’s down the street. Come on, we can eat there.”

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The Fountain


“Earth people are so strange!” commented Zing. He and Zang were perched on the bench, watching the water fall from the spigots on all four sides of the pillar with the knob on top.

“I know,” replied Zang. “They put pipes underground from the river to this place, cover it all up with cement, and build an engine to push the water out the spouts. Why don’t they just enjoy the river?”

“Beats me! Hey, did you hear that? I just used a sling expression!”

“Sling? You mean “slang.”

“Right. Slang. Earth people have strange words, too”

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Hard Times

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“Sam! Top’s empty! Three melons! Handful of apples! Some onions, a little garlic!”

“Ya, well, ‘twon’t get us far tomorrow when they line up again. I hate it when them little kids come in lookin’ all pathetic.”

“Yer too soft, Sam. Ya gotta toughen up. Everbody’s hungry.”

“Okay, Bud. Fer the rest a the week, one apple, one pear, two onions, one garlic per family. No e’sseptions!”

“When’s it gonna be over, Sam?”

“Dunno. Just holler when ya see m’grandkids, so’s I c’n hide somewheres. Can’t abide them big sad eyes. Ya know? “

“Yup. I know.”