Could be Worse!

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PHOTO PROMPT Β© Sandra Crook

“I hate floods!”

“No one loves them, unless there’s been a drought, I suppose.”

“This is just nasty, Dad. Dead snakes in the basement, stinking water halfway up the walls. And all this filthy sea weed gunk! What good is it, anyway?”

“You’re having quite an attitude, Son.” Dad stopped, leaned on his rake, and said, “It could be worse, you know.”

“Yeah? I don’t see how!”

“Well, we could live where the snakes are alive and poisonous. We could have to haul water from a dirty stream. We could have to eat grasshoppers and beetles.”


44 thoughts on “Could be Worse!

    1. Australia, Africa–swampy places in the USA, deserts in the USA–all kinds of creepy crawlies. My husband tells me there are lots of snakes where we live, they just don’t come into people country. I’ve heard of people here seeing an occasional black snake, but don’t worry, they’re harmless. Uhuh.

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  1. bearmkwa

    Now, that’s a dad after my gr. grandfather’s attitude. Things CAN always be worse. We SHOULD count ourselves as blessed. Even when the world around us was shut down, I reminded hubby of this. The hardest part was banking as no one would take cash/coins, and the banks were closed so you couldn’t get info on your account. It was scary, I’ll admit… but I reminded hubby daily that it could be worse… even when we both had covid (mild case), I reminded him that we could be ‘dead’. I can’t imagine finding dead snakes in my home… I would be a screaming freaking basket case if I even saw a garter snake in the yard.

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  2. Gratitude is a great lesson none of us want to learn by experience. Junior will catch it someday — and then he’ll tell his children, “Stop complaining about this little job. You know, when I was young we had this flood and you should have seen the mess WE to clean up… πŸ˜‰

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  3. We have had only 3 snakes pass through in the last two months. Two deadly poisonous and other a harmless python. The neighbourhood facebook group has posted about pets killed by snake bites. Yay summer is here. Though on the plus side the meter long iguana sunning on a tree in my yard is harmless. Did I mention the aussie spiders?

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