The Great Rebellion

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“Tonight’s the night!” stated Pig. Ready for slaughter, he was determined.

“But what about–” Hen tried to interject some reason.

“NO BUTTS! Especially not mine,” roared Pig. “They want to SMOKE my butt!”

Cow chimed in: “I’m happy here. All they take from me is milk.”

“TREASON!” roared Pig. “Just stay in the dark shadows.”

Rooster crowed, “You’re too big to stay in the shadows.”

Pig prevailed, though, and he pushed against the barn door until it broke. Lamb followed, along with Hen and her chicks. Duck and Goose were close behind.

Unmoving, Bull thought, “Stupid Pig. Already dead meat!”


Follow the RULES!


“Who left that water bottle on the food counter?” The Boss swelled with fury. Customers suddenly went silent, eyes downcast.

“Someone has used it! The water level shows that! All of this food must go NOW!” The Boss used his arm to sweep every bowl onto the floor, destroying pounds of food. “Follow the RULES!” he screamed, stomping away in fury.

Dae-jung bent down to begin the cleanup, thankful he still had a job.

“I’d like to MAKE the rules,” he muttered.

Perfect Vacation

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

They drove to the same island, checked into the same hotel. Had dinner together, slept in the same room.

But the next morning, they each dressed appropriately for their day, kissed goodbye, and went happily on their separate ways.

He rented a bicycle, took plenty of water and food for lunch, and zipped off to see whatever he could.

She toted her beach gear to the sand: An umbrella, a blanket, water, nibbles, and BOOKS! Huge sunglasses and a visored hat gave her isolation. No interruptions, no conversation. She read, dozed, gazed all day.

Reunited, they enjoyed dinner.

A Project

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The neighborhood kids were always looking for something new to do. When they spotted the ratty-looking shelves and stools put out for the trash haulers, they went to work.

It took most of the morning to set everything up. Then they found rags and wiped the dust off. They scurried to their various homes and came back loaded with sandwiches, bags of chips, and various drinks and plastic cups.

Soon, people came and bought a sandwich, a drink, and a cookie.

The kids raked in a good haul. The next morning, garbage trucks took everything.

A Bloody Place

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Two ghosts sat on the wall beside the keep. They were silent for a very long time.

Finally, the one who knew William the Conqueror in 1066 sighed. “Twas a bloody place, indeed.”

The one dressed in armor from another century said, “Did you die here?”

“Aye. A spear right through my heart, Vultures picked my carcass clean. You?”

“Oh, aye. Took my head clean off, they did. I rotted, over time. Never buried.”

Both soldiers sighed. The older finally said, shaking his head, “All for naught. Look at them down there. Oblivious.”

“Aye, But peaceful.”