Horror in the Bathroom

It had been such a normal night. Lynne had dropped into dreamless sleep.  Waking, she paused  to enjoy her doll collection ,  and then stepped through the half-open bathroom doorway.  Flicking on the light, she turn toward the toilet.

She blinked, looked again.   Please, please don’t let this be real! She squeezed her eyes shut, opened them; afraid to look directly into the toilet, she let her gaze drift there slowly.

It was still there, only now its ugly, sinister head was resting on the rim.

Screaming, mindless, she slammed the bathroom door and ran.

“Snake!  Snake! Snake in my toilet!”


What is It?


Time:  Prehistory

“Father,  what is this?”

“It is a god-stone, sent to remind us that the gods are watching. Do not touch it. Always respect it”


Time:  the Present

“Hey, Dad!  What’s this?” asked Billy as he climbed all over it.

“It’s probably a meteorite, Son. It’s what’s left of a meteor as it comes through our atmosphere.”

“Cool.  Just a big space rock, then. Really old, I’ll bet!”


Time: Long after the nuclear holocaust that sent people underground. 

“Father, what is this?”

Father was entranced with the sky he’d never seen before. “A skystone. Don’t touch.”





PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Moving. Such a hassle.  Even worse when it wasn’t your own house you were packing up.

Mother and Dad had been lifelong packrats.  Three dumpsters full just from the basement.  Junk that “might come in handy someday.” There would be an  estate sale  for the farm machinery  and most of Mother’s treasures.

People were still bringing flowers and casseroles in memory of Mother and Dad. They also brought stories, often new ones that Sarah had never heard before. Wonderful memories. Thoughtfully, Sarah fingered an old, empty journal.

A good place, she thought, for recording memories.








PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

When the phone finally rang, her muscles turned to jelly. Waiting for the designated fifth ring, she slid down the wall until she was sitting, trembling, on the floor.

“Agent 47.”

“You have failed. Miserably. We had such high hopes for you.  Have you any explanation?”

“Nothing was where you said it would be,” she gasped, strangling on her own breath. “I tried. Really, I gave it everything I have.”

“Not quite. You will, though. Wait where you are. There is no place to run, no place to hide.”

And there wasn’t.

True Story

Photo credit:  Kent Bonham

In 1968-9, Terry had an old powder-blue VW that I was learning to drive. I had a little trouble with the gear shift-clutch thing.

One evening we were tootling along a back road so I could practice. Only thing was, I didn’t know about the railroad tracks hidden by tall grass, so when he hollered “STOP!” I did–right over the tracks. No help in sight.  He pushed and I tried to steer. Finally a pickup truck and two hefty young men showed up.  The three men lifted the car off the tracks and  onto the road.

Laughing all the way.


(This was an instant flashback in time!  It’s amazing to me that he married me anyway 🙂  But then, he couldn’t understand why I was embarrassed and mad as a hornet when all those macho dudes laughed until they cried. Men. No sensitivity at all.  I don’t usually comment on my stories here, but this one, I felt, needed a bit more explanation than 100 words allowed 🙂 )

A Quiet Corner


A Quiet Corner

Audra loved her old house with its nooks and corners and hiding places. She claimed one room for her own, a quiet place for retreat and peace when she needed it. The window looked out over the back yard flower gardens, and gave her hours of pleasure in their season.

She kept a glass jar near the window.  Early on, she had thoughtlessly crumpled a small piece of aluminum foil and tossed it into the jar. And then another and another, until it was full.

Why? She liked the glitter. It pleased her.


After Hours



PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Sheldon

“Ow!  You didn’t have to knock me over, you pinhead!”

“Oh, stop whining!  I was just stretching my flipper!  You know  how stiff we get, sitting here all day until She leaves and we can move  again.”

“Yeah, yeah.  Did you see how many paper clips She went through today?  It’s a wonder they even give her more.”

“I know. Clips, lip gunk, and markers–she’s pretty weird.  Hey, do you know what the white stuff is?”

“Nope. Do you know what a “bonds system” is?


“I guess stuffed penguins don’t need to know much.”





A Moment out of Time


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Jerusalem!  The Holy City!  What a wonderful place to be on such a glorious morning!

Seth shouldered his backpack and stepped onto the worn bricks, thinking, “What secrets these old buildings must hold!”

Pacing forward, he imagined the clamor of the mob that followed the horribly disfigured  man  struggling to stay upright under the heavy cross he carried. . . .

Suddenly, shouting, cursing, weeping, and taunting, people swarmed around him, elbowing him out of the way as they fought to keep up. All wanted to see  the crucifixion.

Seth snapped back to reality.  Lunatic or heretic?






Fear is Grey


The two young girls lying bound in the trunk could hear nothing, see nothing, to help them escape. They were cold and  terrified.

It was supposed to have been fun, going to a party with the two cool older guys who had picked them up. “Come with us, come on!” They never saw the third man behind them holding the syringe.  A prick, then nothing.

They should have listened. They should have stayed with a crowd of friends. Should never have gone with guys they didn’t know.

Too late for remorse. Too late.

The Dark

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Dark clouds gather above as darker evil took place below. The bodies had been found in the basement of the condo, tied back to back and mutilated beyond recognition. Whoever was responsible had been thorough in his work, leaving no trace of himself behind.

Detectives were combing the grounds, flashlights glowing in the gathering dark.

Upstairs on the fifth floor, a man watched. His mouth twitched in mirth at their stupidity. They’d already interviewed him, giving him the usual cop-speak and learning nothing.

He was much too smart for them.

More would die. They deserved it.