Pass the Salt

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.




“Snobs call it ‘catsup’.”

“Not true. Used to be that’s all it was ever called.”

“What? Why’d it change?”

“Well, for one thing it’s been around for donkey’s years. Probably has a Chinese origin, called ‘ke-tsiap.’ It was kind of a runny fish sauce. Like most things, it changed across time. The main reason the name is now ketchup is that the Heinz company wanted their product to stand out, on the shelf, so they created the new name.”

“So, not much difference between catsup and ketchup?”

“Nope. Hey, could you pass the salt?”

Take a Trip!


Adam and Elise were honeymooners. Their funds were limited, so they took a “staycation” and did day trips that were inexpensive. They’d had a wonderful time.

They spotted the carousel, and decided to take a ride. As they walked, talking and laughing, a flower-painted bus drove between them and their destination. The doors swished open, and a handsome man with a sparking white smile invited them to “take a trip with the tour bus.”

Forgetting about the carousel, they climbed in.

No one ever saw them–or the flower-painted bus–again.

Zing and Zang Return!

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“What a fascinating window!” declared Zing. “It seems cluttered and messy, but I’ve noticed a lot of Earth people seem to enjoy clutter. Look, there are all sorts of things!”

Zang took his time, browsing from left to right, top to bottom. “Is there anything anyone would actually NEED, Zing? Why are they using those strange dark-colored glasses?”

“I believe the dark glasses are meant to protect their under-developed eyes from the glare of their sun.”

“They really are primitive, aren’t they? Such fuss and bother, preserving images of ancestors. And using artificial protection for their eyes!”


photo credit Dale Rogerson

Gretchen kept the steeple in view. Surely, a place that had a steeple with a cross was a place where she could find refuge and help.

Footsore, dirty, hungry, tired to the bone, she trudged until she saw a parking lot. No cars. The sign in front of the building was a real estate “For Sale” sign that had been covered with a SOLD! banner.

Underneath, she read, “New Home of Community Theatre, Open in Summer of 2022!”

She crumpled, fading as she hit the ground. Her body was a grisly welcome for the renovation crew.



Heights and falling. Two great phobias, and they tend to come as a packaged set.

Cathy avoided elevators, especially the popular new ones that were built into the outer wall of very tall buildings. Some people raved over the view, exclaiming at how beautiful and exciting it was.

One time, she couldn’t avoid it. She trembled the moment the doors slid closed, sweating and cold, jaw clenched, eyes squeezed shut. The man beside her laughed at first, not realizing she wasn’t faking. Her terror was real. He whispered, “We can take the stairs when we leave.”

Did That Just Happen?

PHOTO PROMPT © Krista Strutz

The majestic bird, comfortable in his own kingdom, eyed the human intruder. The human stared back, too surprised to blink. Neither of them moved a hair or a feather. Utter stillness prevailed. Not a fish jumped, not a bear moved. Even the mosquitoes stopped whining.

The eagle opened his beak and let out a terrifying scream as he opened his wings, stretching them wide, turning until he picked up a breeze. He flapped once and was off, soaring quickly to the heights.

The human shook himself and dipped his paddle, wondering, “Did that just happen?”

High Summer

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“Ayup. Been a dickens of a summer, ain’t it?” Karl spit a stream of brown tobacco juice to the ground.

“Oh, you betcha. Hot, humid, and all this Covid crud. We thought it’d be all done by now.”

“Flatten the curve, yeah? “

“Phshaw! Such nonsense!”

The two old farmers stood quiet, leaning on the fence rail, watching the tractor maneuver the loaded hay wagon.

“Well. Keep good, yeah? Gotta go help. Horses gotta eat.”

“Ayup. Keep good. See ya!”

Cool Stuff

Image © Lisa Fox

Terry was beaming. “Linda, look at this. Boy, I’d love to get hold of it and clean it all up, get it running. . . .”

“But why? You already have a motorcycle, a whole lot newer and better-looking than that!”

“Humph. I can tell you’re not a true Biker Babe. It’s a Harley! It’s the mother of all motorcycles!”

“Uhuh.” Linda wandered to another area of the huge warehouse, full of antiques and, frankly, junk. But then she saw IT, and stopped in her tracks.

“Terry, look! It’s an original Singer sewing machine just like my Mom had!”

“Uhuh. Nice. We done?”

Timmy Can Fix it!


Timmy loved all things mechanical. He was the kid who took clocks apart–the old-fashioned kind, not the e-gadgets. Sometimes, when he put them back together, they worked!

He was soon repairing toasters, space heaters, and lawnmowers. As he came into his pre-teens, he had already gained fame in the neighborhood. Something broken? Timmy could fix it!

Then his interests turned toward engines of all kinds, especially car engines.

When his dad came home before he could get the engine together, Timmy went and hid in the woods until he figured Dad’s temper had cooled off.


I’m late by my own standards. I usually get these done on Wednesday. I’ve had a tough week with ongoing lumbar pain. Serious pain seriously saps one’s energy. Saw my pain doc on Tuesday, changed up my meds a bit, feeling like things have settled down a bit already. Anyway, the delay helped me with this one. I was stuck yesterday, but saw my story immediately when I looked at the picture again today 🙂

PHOTO PROMPT© Jennifer Pendergast

“See those eyes? Right next to each other!”

“You have a vivid imagination.”

“No, LOOK! It’s almost like there are eyeglasses!”

“You see animals in clouds, too, right?”

“Wait–oh no! L-l-look–the ice is breaking. . .”

“Oh puhleeze! It’s not frozen that deep. There’s a current.”

“I’m getting out of here! You’d better run!”

“Nope. Not afraid of monsters.”

And then a deep, rumbling, earth-shaking growl came from the the stream. “You should be afraid! The Ice Man cometh!”