New Order

PHOTO PROMPT © Jean L. Hays”

“Our plan is working well. Timely. It won’t be long now.”

“They are beginning to worship us. They wear chains around their necks with our likeness as a pendant. Bracelets, as well. They love us. They think we are like them. I find that quite amusing.”

“Indeed. When we cage them so that our people, and all other sea creatures, can come and watch them perform tricks at our command, they will begin to understand.”

“Yes. Too late. I relish the moment that understanding begins to dawn. They won’t think so highly of us then.”



PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Every possession had to be dealt with. The hardest were the ones that had been most beloved by their mother. Her photos: Family, Dad, things she wanted to paint some day. Her needlework: Hours of laborious cross stitch, crochet, sewing. Her numerous cookbooks and drawers full of recipes clipped from many sources.

Her paints and tools for painting. They reflected her love of color, of flowers, of seasons. The paintings would never make her rich or famous, but they reflected her joy in living.

She treasured everything she kept. Most of it had to be tossed.



The relentless sun baked the adobe house. It was cooler inside, and no one even noticed the box that had been delivered. Carriers no longer rang the doorbell or asked for a signature. “Drop and go” was their COVID policy.

As the hottest time of the day neared, the box began to move. It bulged, rocking and scooting against the locked gate. A persistent low buzz could have been heard if anyone had been there to hear it.

Finally, a corner tore open. Wider, wider still, until a reptilian head pushed through. No one saw it slither through the bars.

Traffic Lights

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehudah

Zing and Zang perched on top of the yellow car. Invisible, they observed the drivers’ obedience to the traffic lights.

“How do you train millions of people to obey three simple colors? Look, they ALL follow the rules! Even the walkers wait for the green light before they cross from one side to the other.” Zang was amazed at the conformity of the people.

Zing thought for a moment. “You know, we should be able to use this system in some way when we take over. We need to make sure we report it!”

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