Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


(I’m about to attempt something I rarely do. )


October world,



Sun pushing through,

melting dripping shroud,

creating hope.



Nap Time

Afternoon Nap

My head bobs.  I’m so sleepy.

Like a baby, or an old woman

I need my afternoon nap.

As I read, my eyes bang shut

And I wake when my head bobs


I’m drooling.  How revolting.

Brain is swimming in sludge

And I can’t stay awake.

My grandkids think it’s funny

When they see me

Like this. That’s okay.

One day

It will be them.


And their grandkids

will watch and giggle.

I’m glad I’m good

For something 🙂


Ode to Coffee

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on here.  So many of you have said “write poetry” that I actually have it on my brain. Anton says a poem  should tell a story, so here goes:

Alarm!  Get up!

Go find my cup!

My brain is not awake.

My body moves,

It’s in the groove

It’s morning path to take.

Grind the beans.

Brew the pot.

A drop of honey.

Nice and hot.

I feel it as it burns my throat

And warms my tummy.

Oh so yummy.

Rhyming meter?  Maybe not.

Who cares? It’s early.

It’s all I’ve got 🙂

A Poet I’m Not!

Write poetry! They’re telling me.

You’ll get better as you go!

Then post it up for us to see

And we will let you know

If you have any gift for this.

It can’t be all that hard!

Just find some words that sound alike

And YOU can be a bard!