A Poet I’m Not!

Write poetry! They’re telling me.

You’ll get better as you go!

Then post it up for us to see

And we will let you know

If you have any gift for this.

It can’t be all that hard!

Just find some words that sound alike

And YOU can be a bard!

15 thoughts on “A Poet I’m Not!

  1. There you go! It’s all uphill from here. Er…um…maybe not the best metaphor.
    I’d suggest you change the second last line to “just find words that rhyme…” Then your rhythm will be more in sync, too.


    1. Ha! Well, who knows, maybe I’ll keep playing around with it. When I was a kid, I used to write volumes of sappy, emotional poetry that no one ever saw. It was awful 🙂


  2. I could write a text book on the ideas you put forward about writing poetry . Technically you’re quite rght, or your poetry mentors are. But have you ever thought of this? Put a golf club in anybody’s hand, place a ball in front of them and tell them to swing at it.Wow, you’ve created a golfer.You see my point, you need to be either inspired or a natural to master anything. But I chose golf because like any genre of writing you can start at any age and level.I have one thing I always do before starting a poem if it doesn’t come naturally. I read out loud several poems by Pope, Donne or Chaucer and imitate them, you’ll be amazed how soon you are composing what you want to write in their rhyming metre (esp Pope). Also vocal mimicry is a great help so always read thier and your own works out loud. As you are obviously very well educated this could be good fun. ciao. Anton
    PS. If you want to be a true bard your poetry ought to tell a story.

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    1. Well, thanks! What excellent advice, and al very good metaphor. Food for thought:) I don’t have a burning desire to write poetry, but I have to admit that I’m just a bit intrigued and maybe even challenged. There are some poets I enjoy–Emily Dickinson being a great favorite. Maybe I should read her again. Who knows? Maybe there’s a latent poet inside me somewhere 🙂


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