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Ghouls come from Arabian mythology. They are legendary evil beings that rob graves and feed on corpses.

I can’t figure out why anyone would want to portray such a being, or even watch movies about ghouls and zombies and such. Evil is not entertaining. it is——well, evil!

I have some ideas about why our society has become so enamored of all the horror and ugliness of Halloween. I remember it as just a fun evening after supper when we roamed the neighborhood in silly costumes, looking for as much candy as our pillowcases could hold. The neighbors enjoyed it. They always made a fuss over our costumes, and many of them baked cookies for us.  No one was afraid.

Of course, the roots of Halloween go back to the worship of Satan, but that kind of got lost in the fog of mystery and history for a long time. Then, somewhere in the 60’s or 70’s, Satan worship once again became a visible and alluring thing for a lot of poor souls, and Halloween turned ugly–and became a cash cow for merchants.  Odd how the worship of evil often goes hand in hand with money.

We stopped letting our kids go trick-or-treating after the Tylenol scare, the razor blades in apples, and a horrific Halloween kidnapping in central Minnesota that has only recently been solved.  Instead, we hosted a party for them and their friends. Old-fashioned games, silly costumes–and safety.  Other parents were delighted.

Why is this happening?  There is nothing kid-friendly about monsters and skeletons hanging from trees. It saddens me that so many kids see this stuff as fun or normal. It’s not.

So I’m going to go out on a limb.  Some of you will think I’m ridiculous, that all the fuss and feathers over Halloween is over the top.

I believe the problem is that as our nation turns away from God and godliness, we have turned instead to satanic entertainment.  Movies, books, TV programs, decorations. Halloween has become second only to Christmas in sales, and the irony of that shouldn’t escape us.

When we remove something, whether it is good or evil, we need to replace it with something else, or it will return.  It’s the old “nature abhors a vacuum”  principle. We’ve removed God. He has been replaces with immorality of all sorts; with rape, murder, unspeakable evil perpetrated in the name of Satan.

You may not believe that Satan is real, or that evil lives in the heart of mankind. The Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things, incorrigibly wicked, and beyond our own  understanding (Jeremiah 17:9). When we laugh at evil, we mock the holiness of God.

Isaiah 5:20 says that good will become evil, and evil will become good.  It was true in Isaiah’s time, and it is becoming more the reality in our own time.

Laugh if you like.  The Bible says that we will reap what we sow.  We won’t be laughing then.



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There are so many ways we use this funny little word, which comes from the Flemish vlufe,  and has gradually transmogrified into fluff. 

It can refer to the lint on your sleeve, or the puffy clouds racing across the sky.  It can be a light, shallow piece of writing or entertainment.  It can refer to a young woman’s hair that has been teased up into a fluffy style–reminiscent of the 1960’s.

Or it can refer to a poor performance, perhaps in sports or maybe in drama if an actor messes up his lines.

Not feeling particularly deep this morning,  I’m going to share one of my favorite usages of fluffy with you, and I’ll be done:


Image result for Ewe's not fat, ewe's fluffy cartoon




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This word is on my list of words never to use.  Why?  Because it has become over-used, and  meaningless.  Just like awesome, which is applied to everything from a good hamburger to a handsome guy.  Please. Find another adjective.

When I hear someone saying some experience was surreal, I’m often tempted to ask if they know the meaning of the word.  Here are some synonyms:

unrealbizarreunusualweirdstrangefreakishunearthlyuncannydreamlike, phantasmagorical

Are you sure you want to apply such words to every experience during the course of your day?  I mean, a good pizza is a thing of beauty, but is it really phantasmagorical? Maybe, if you were THAT hungry!


We have fallen into the habit of using superlative words to describe normal things. If your walk in the park was surreal, then what are you going to use to describe an unusually beautiful sunset?  Oh, wait.  I know. Awesome. Totally awesome. 

THIS is surreal:

Image result for surreal

Most things in our daily lives are not surreal. Really.


A Force of Nature

Helpless, the old man stood under the sheltering trees with his young grandson. They  watched  as the forerunners of the killing clouds formed over their heads, knowing there was no escape.

Hundreds of miles away, the  volcano belched, roared, and vomited its noxious mix of fire, stone, and ash. The death cloud.

“Don’t worry,” the scientists had said. “It’s been extinct for thousands of years. The noises you hear are just internal rock slides. Sleep well. There is no danger.”

The old man saw the ugly clouds, and he knew.  Danger.  Death.

They weren’t worried about nuclear warfare any more.

Who am I?


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Identity is a fickle thing, isn’t it?  There are so many ways in which we identify ourselves, and we use each one in different circumstances.

For example, when I first meet a person, I may offer my hand and say, “Hi, I’m Linda. So nice to meet you.”  And I am identified as Linda.

But if a conversation ensues, we will ask about one another’s work  (therapist, counselor) or marriage (wife) or children (mother) or grandchildren (grandmother). Or we may become quite comfortable as we get to know each other, and begin to inquire about what our parents did (pastor, pastor’s wife; father, husband, grandfather; wife, mother, grandmother).  Or perhaps we had previous careers differing from what we do now (teacher, full-time stay-at-home mom).  Or maybe what we aspire to be (writer).



Image result for who am I really?

What interest me is that we invariably identify ourselves by what we DO, and not by who we ARE. In my work, I need to discover that–who my clients really are, not just what they do. We talk about very personal things, and I am often amazed at the intimate things my clients tell me. After all, they don’t know who I am. They don’t know if I’m a safe person, and they are confiding very personal information to me.

So I would rather be identified by others something like this: “Linda is someone you can trust.  She listens carefully, and she seems to truly  care about her clients.  She always tries to give biblical counsel, and she sometimes shares her own struggles so you know she’s human, too.  She really loves God, and she loves the Bible. And she loves her husband, and her children and grandchildren.”

That kind of identity is far more important to me.



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Stumped. I mean, I know what a trademark is. I understand its importance, and how it identifies certain brands and so forth. It’s just not a very inspiring word, you know?  I can’t even dream up a story around it.
Maybe that’s because I’ve been prepping for a rather unpleasant medical procedure and I just don’t care very much. Right now, this is my trademark:
Image result for emoji sick, nauseated



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I enjoy words that sound like what they mean.  Swish. Slice. Bop. Pop. Rumble. Giggle. It’s a very long list, and our one-word prompt today is a good example.

The opposite of cacophony  is euphony, which simply means good or pleasant sound.

So that tells you what cacophony means. Not so pleasant.  I think right away of the TV program The View, in which the women on the panel spend an hour interrupting and talking over each other. Makes me shudder.  I don’t watch it.  Most unpleasant.  If I don’t watch it, how do I know?

I watched it twice; once, just to see what it was about; the second time to see if my first experience was just on an off day. It wasn’t.

The word comes from two Greek roots:  kakos, meaning bad, and phonos, which means sound.

Think of a flock of crows.  Or geese.  A gang of angry bees. Hurricane winds.  An angry crowd.  The screeching and banging of a car accident. So many sounds to which we automatically react with dislike, fear, or dread.

I love good music.  Lots of different genres, but all euphonious.  I strongly dislike the angry, screaming sounds of some of the “music” that is popular with young people today.  It is not meant to relax, to enjoy; it is meant to pump up, even to enrage. No thanks.

A lot of the political noise out there today is cacophony. It’s been a long time since we’ve experienced any real political harmony in America, or even the sound of civil, courteous debate. Just lots of anger, dissonance, hatred, and outright lying.

Cacophony.  Bad sound.