Endless Journey

I’m sorry to have missed last week. I had a bad couple of weeks in my ongoing struggle with my achey breaky back, but things are looking up now–until the next episode. Truly, I missed reading all the intriguing stories that are created, all different, from the same post!


Iggy stopped to rest. His legs trembled with fatigue. He was parched for a drop of water. After a second, he fluttered his wings again and resumed his endless journey.

“Only a few more steps, and then I can rest,” he thought, his little heart pounding. With incredible effort, he took one sideways step, then another, and another.

Just as he got to the hole, the cable started to move. It rapidly took him right back to where he had started.

He took a breath, fluttered once, closed his eyes, and died.


No Place to Hide

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“Never again!” Kimi promised herself weaving her way through the crowd. It felt as if she had a sign, back and front: “I AM A SPY.”

Everyone who glanced her way was an enemy. Every pocket held a gun. The guy who brushed against her was trying to trap her. Although every step brought her closer to safety, it felt as if there were miles to go.

Clutching her net bag to her chest, she continued to run. Finally! Safety!

“Kimi, why are you panting? Did you run?”

“I was playing ‘spy.’ They almost got me !”



Sharon sat in her therapist’s office, tears dripping endlessly down her contorted face. Her whole body was shaken by sobs.

The therapist waited.

Finally, Sharon was able to talk. “He came home with this –UGLY grin all over his face. He smacked my bottom hard, and said, ‘I saw a sign for this. Oversize Load!’ He walked off laughing like a hyena. I’m SO done with his crude remarks about my size.”

“I’ve seen a sign like that. It was on a truck moving a trailer house. Maybe you should. Move, I mean. “

Sharon smiled.