No Place to Hide

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“Never again!” Kimi promised herself weaving her way through the crowd. It felt as if she had a sign, back and front: “I AM A SPY.”

Everyone who glanced her way was an enemy. Every pocket held a gun. The guy who brushed against her was trying to trap her. Although every step brought her closer to safety, it felt as if there were miles to go.

Clutching her net bag to her chest, she continued to run. Finally! Safety!

“Kimi, why are you panting? Did you run?”

“I was playing ‘spy.’ They almost got me !”

51 thoughts on “No Place to Hide

  1. Depending on how old Kimi is, that may or may not be a healthy game. If she’s a kid, no problem – we all play those games. If she’s an adult, she might be risking intensifying an anxiety disorder by imagining peril in an everyday situation. You brought out the ambivalence nicely.

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  2. Ohhhh, I do remember the fun of games like this. We used to play “war” when I was a little girl. We all had bb guns (I was the only girl in a four block radius). We’d slink around buildings, shoot each other (I still have a scar on my chest from a bb impact). Although, the police chief did ask us not to play war around the bank after someone called in a robbery attempt one saturday night. Oh, and we weren’t supposed to use the lead bb’s, only the rubber ones…but, when you ran out of rubber… just saying. It was such a gloriously innocent time. Long before we understood what real guns were, and what they could do. A time before we truly understood death, too. Oh, but they were fun times. Have a great week, Gran!

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