Sharon sat in her therapist’s office, tears dripping endlessly down her contorted face. Her whole body was shaken by sobs.

The therapist waited.

Finally, Sharon was able to talk. “He came home with this –UGLY grin all over his face. He smacked my bottom hard, and said, ‘I saw a sign for this. Oversize Load!’ He walked off laughing like a hyena. I’m SO done with his crude remarks about my size.”

“I’ve seen a sign like that. It was on a truck moving a trailer house. Maybe you should. Move, I mean. “

Sharon smiled.


56 thoughts on “Move

  1. That man ought to be horse-whipped for his insensitivity! Grrr…. Great story. I probably would have come back with a comment about certain male parts being miniscule…. or something equally cruel.

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