Blind Date

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Beth waited, gazing out the window of the little cafe. She watched cars come and go; families, couples, friends all enjoyed their meals and left while she waited. . . .

Across town, Allen waited, wondering if Beth, his blind date, was ever going to show up. Finally, with a great big question mark in his mind, he left.
“Never again,” he vowed.

Beth called her friend Sharon from the cafe just before she left.

“WHAT? I just spoke to him, and he said YOU never showed!”

They finally met, still laughing about their near-miss many years later.


42 thoughts on “Blind Date

  1. Yes, been there! Good thing we have a good marriage. Once my DH forgot to pick up our two youngest, ages may 4 and 6, late at night from a church activity. And someone sent them to stand outside the building to wait for their dad, and left them all alone. I was SO upset!


  2. Not a blind date, but I’ve seen it before – Pre-cellphone, my mom drove 12 hours to my house. A 2 hour drive to a small town in Vermont. She waited for hours and a no show. Later she found out that her friends were on the other end of town in the same major chain restaurant, waiting for her…

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      1. Isn’t that crazy! Wait. I’ve waited at one place while a girlfriend waited at another… now that you mention it. It was the same chain restaurant but in two different locales!

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  3. Sweet story, I am glad it got sorted out for them. I once input an address in the navigator and did not notice it had chosen ‘X Avenue’ instead of ‘X Street’. Ended up waiting and wondering why no one else had shown up. A phone call did resolve that issue 🙂

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