Cool Stuff

Image © Lisa Fox

Terry was beaming. “Linda, look at this. Boy, I’d love to get hold of it and clean it all up, get it running. . . .”

“But why? You already have a motorcycle, a whole lot newer and better-looking than that!”

“Humph. I can tell you’re not a true Biker Babe. It’s a Harley! It’s the mother of all motorcycles!”

“Uhuh.” Linda wandered to another area of the huge warehouse, full of antiques and, frankly, junk. But then she saw IT, and stopped in her tracks.

“Terry, look! It’s an original Singer sewing machine just like my Mom had!”

“Uhuh. Nice. We done?”

37 thoughts on “Cool Stuff

  1. michaelkreger

    The cool thing about this story is that you didn’t even have to use your imagination.

    “What do you MEAN, we don’t have room for it? We can store it in the front hallway!

    Plenty of room out there.

    If you want, you can put a doily on the seat, and set a potted plant on it.”

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      1. michaelkreger

        The red one sat outside. We actually used it quite a lot. It was the old birch-bark canoe that he found in the woods in Upper Michigan that became accepted as an end table.

        Gotta be fair, though. He actually DID end up fiberglassing it, and we took it out on the water.

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