Timmy Can Fix it!


Timmy loved all things mechanical. He was the kid who took clocks apart–the old-fashioned kind, not the e-gadgets. Sometimes, when he put them back together, they worked!

He was soon repairing toasters, space heaters, and lawnmowers. As he came into his pre-teens, he had already gained fame in the neighborhood. Something broken? Timmy could fix it!

Then his interests turned toward engines of all kinds, especially car engines.

When his dad came home before he could get the engine together, Timmy went and hid in the woods until he figured Dad’s temper had cooled off.

52 thoughts on “Timmy Can Fix it!

  1. Sounds like J Arnold Bombardier, who used to take the family car engine apart — and had to get it back together again so they could go to church on Sunday. He went on to invent various neat things. Then when his wife went into labour in winter and they couldn’t get her to a doctor because roads were blocked, and the baby was lost, Bombardier set his mind to inventing a machine that could travel on snow-covered roads. Voila! The SKI DOO.
    (You probably knew all this. 🙂 )

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      1. Yes, it was sad for the young couple. Bombardier probably realized that a lot of babies and mothers were dying because of winter conditions that prohibited travel and decided to do something to change that. He also invented small school buses that ran on treads so country children could get to school in winter. My husband went to school in one of them. 🙂
        We passed through Valcourt, QC, Bombardier’s home base, when we were in Quebec and saw the Ski-doo + Sea-doo headquarters and factories. Quite an operation now!

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  2. Oh dear… must be something about the name Timmy. My son (Daniel Timothy) was just like that when he was young. Awful lot of mess – but an awful lot of fun. I think your Timmy will go far 😀

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    1. Indeed it did! He got his Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering at Michigan Tech. He worked inR&D for 3M for a while, but got frustrated with so much desk work. He stepped out on a limb and took on the job of maintaining and repairing a bus fleet of more than 30 vehicles for a church here in PA. He had moved from there to general maintenance of buildings and grounds, and now that he’s retired, he finds lots of projects to do here at home. He’s never lost his interest in learning how to do what he has no idea how to do :). And that’s probably a lot more info than you needed!

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