The Shoes

PHOTO PROMPT © Magaly Guerrero

She wanted, more than anything, to study art. She coveted the title Art Historian,  She loved beauty, mystery, romance, the vistas of a world she would never see for herself.  Art would take her away from her invalid chair and her dreams of dancing.

The only reminder of her lost gift was the pair of high-heeled dance shoes she refused to throw away.  How she had whirled, twirled, romped and stomped  through her routines, feeling as if nothing could stop her from flying away from earth’s gravity and into the vast universe.

If only. If only.


30 thoughts on “The Shoes

  1. I understand holding on to dancing shoes, hiking boots, running shoes… after those activities must be left behind. Like your character, I held on to those shoes for several years… lost in memories. I hope she, too, let go and got herself something else… that helped her enjoy life with the body and abilities she has now.

    You capture the feeling wonderfully.

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      1. It is. Before hurting my hip and becoming a host to nerve damage, dancing and running were my biggest loves. It was difficult letting go of my dancing shoes–and goodness knows I had too many. I gave them away slowly, and to people I knew would love them. That particular pair went to the granddaughter of a dear friend. I was extremely happy when she sent me a picture of herself right before going out dancing. It was wonderful to see my shoes on dancing feet, and bittersweet too… but mostly wonderful. I guess some of those feelings leaked through my last photo of them (which I keep, lol)… I still enjoy looking at them, and smiling at old memories… while I dance on bare feet.

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  2. How sad. I read a young girl’s blog last fall. She had been in an automobile accident and was paralyzed shortly after high school graduation. She spoke of her loneliness and the heartbreak of never being able to have children, and the envy she felt of her sister who had recently given birth.

    At least your character is focusing on what she “can” do instead of what she “can’t.” Well done.

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