To Go or Not To Go


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We just got our passports renewed, and are waiting to receive them in the mail. Fascinating little blue book that allows a person to enter  other nations.

Image result for American passport

I was hoping to go to Slovakia again this summer with a mission team from my church, but we’ve decided against it. After my last episode with my back, which came out of the blue with no warning, we’ve felt that it would not be fair to the rest of the team if something like that should happen over there.  I would be a liability.

It isn’t easy to accept that my body is slowly grounding me. You don’t expect it, even though you see it all around you. As we age, we slow down. We lose muscle mass.  We have trouble with balance. Our vision dims. That list is endless and could take us to a very dark place.

I choose not to wallow in my misery 🙂  The process is normal and natural, and I’m thankful that really, apart from my back, my health is pretty good.  Yes, I have the specter of diabetes hanging over my head, but that can be controlled.

Anyway, it looks like world travel may not be in our immediate future. You never know, though. At least we’ll have those little blue books that allow us to pack up and go.

8 thoughts on “To Go or Not To Go

  1. We didn’t used to need passports to travel to the US, but after 9/11 they’re mandatory. And they’re expensive, costing about $130 for the five-yr version. So we do without — now we can’t even pop down to see you just anytime. 😉

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