An Old-Fashioned Word


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Prudent. What a delightfully old-fashioned word. People used to name their daughters Prudence.  I knew a girl in high school with that name, but have never met anyone else since who shared it. Sadly, we tend to connect prudent and prissy, but they’re really not synonyms.

Here are the definitions from


wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious;discreet or circumspect; sober.

careful in providing for the future; provident:
Now, I ask you, what is wrong with that?   Wouldn’t you want your daughter, sister, or wife to be judicious in practical matters? Wise, careful, sober? Being so does not mean she is without humor, or that she finds it beneath her dignity to have fun.
I like the word, and I like the name. I like the traits that prudence involves.
Maybe I should have another baby.  Well, no.  That wouldn’t be prudent 🙂

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