Know Your Future!


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I don’t believe in fortune telling, palm reading, Tarot cards, and mediums who say they can reach the spirit world.  I don’t pay attention to astrology, and yes, I know what my sign is, but it’s not something I think about. Actually, I don’t think I’d want to know my future in terms of this life.  It might make me want to avoid it!

Still, the temptation is there, isn’t it?  Even if you don’t really think there’s anything to it, there is a draw to see what someone may have to say about your future. I wonder what it is about us that, even though we disbelieve the validity of it all, still draws us to such things.

Image result for gypsy fortune teller

Every now and then, on TV, I see an advertisement about getting your love life untangled or your future made clear if you call a certain number, pay the money, and then listen to what the person on the other line has to offer.  There are always testimonials from people whose “lives have been changed forever,” and it’s all very glamorous.  I’ve never heard anyone say, on those ads, that they were told they’re going to die painfully from cancer within three years.

Notice, I did NOT say that I don’t believe in the world of darkness, where Satan and his minions dwell.  That’s a different thing entirely, and I suppose that Satan can influence some people to seem to tell the future, and to “bring up” the spirits of the dead. We can read about that happening in I or II Samuel.  I’d have to look it up.

Interesting topic, but one I believe that it is wise to avoid.

Fortune has many meanings, and I’m not sure why I landed on this one today.  Funny where my mind goes 🙂


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