Jem’s feet pressed into the cold, hard sand. He watched the sun inch down gloriously behind the clouds. He would watch daily until he could no longer stand upright, or use the steps.

He’d built the steps years ago, when he’d first landed. Tore his little dinghy apart, used the boards and nails. The steps were rickety, but kept him out of the way of the daily tides. Using the tools from the boat, he’d erected a shelter of sorts. Hunted for food. Found fresh water.

Over time, he learned there is no loneliness like forever alone.


54 thoughts on “Lonely

    1. I’ve been thinking about your comment, and needed to respond with more than just a “like.” You’re correct. Other people CAN be hell, depending upon circumstances. I thought about the story of Lou Zampirini, interned in a Japanese prison camp in WWII, suffering horrendous abuse. People all around, but no one who could save him or even try to help him. Hell.

      Then I thought about all the people in my life who make it a little bit of heaven on earth. Your simple comment has been in my mind since I read it 7 hours ago. Not such a simple comment, after all.

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  1. I really hope this person discovers that there has been another person living on the other side of the island 🙂 I feel bad for this person, who seems to do ok in solitude, but when all other choices have been removed it can be tough.

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  2. GHLearner

    Being so completely isolated without a means of communication, without hope and without choice must be like a nightmare. I wonder how the mind reacts to that in the long run. Great writing.

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    1. Thank you. We do know that total isolation, including removal of sensory capability, has been used to torture people into submission. It goes against our instinct for community. At least this man still had his vision, hearing, and so on.

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  3. Isolation sends people mad. It’s really a question of time, some are more resilient. During the convict era, they locked people up in complete isolation and those prisoners are said to have lost their minds.

    At least he has a good view. Interesting story, L.

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  4. Beautiful and that last line is so true.

    Of course if he ever makes it back to civilization and puts up a dating profile online, I think he is going to leave out “I love long walks on the beach”.

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