“Come!” whispered the voice of a siren. “You know you want to! Come, explore, enjoy, relax. . . your future is here with us!”

Curiosity outweighed fear. She took one step forward, focusing on the arch at the far side of the circle. Dark, velvety, warm, beckoning. . . .

“Yesssss, that’s right! You won’t regret it! Come, come. We love you! We’ll treasure you! We understand you! Come!”

A shiver rolled over her body from head to toe, pimpling her skin as it passed. She hesitated, feeling the pull of those arches; feeling the chill in her soul.

“Come!” She sensed the evil, too late.


56 thoughts on “Come!

      1. Yes, yes there are some really scary trees. I get total Keep Out vibes from that pic too. Keep Out and Come Hither at the same time. Love the re-working of the siren motif. I think it is the same basic thing.

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  1. Shiver me timbers to bits… that was spooky! Evil is like that, enticing us so well that we don’t realize the reality until it is too late, eh. Great story, with an even greater lesson! Love the new page layout… may I ask what theme you are using. I really don’t like mine and I’m looking for something different.

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    1. Evil is very practiced and expert at disguising itself. I always liked the application of how banks teach new tellers to recognize counterfeit money: They make them intimately familiar with the real thing.

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  2. Michael

    Thank heaven that I have never have felt such evil radiating from a tree. As trees give me so much pleasure, but I still enjoyed reading your offering this week

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  3. GHLearner

    With that beautiful tree, I would havw fallen right in. The pretty promises, however, would have scared me off. They sound too much like proselytizing. Great interpretation of the picture!

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