New Bird

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Bird cocked his head left, then right.

“You have an unusual song,” he tweeted to the shiny black and silver singer. “Are you new here?”


Bird was puzzled. “I think we need an interpreter!”


Bird called a meeting. Spy? Tourist? Terrorist? Kill him? Pull out his wing and tail feathers, then interrogate him?

Bird pulled rank. “We’re not going to torture him. Let’s just watch.”

New Bird tweeted again. A human picked him up and spoke to him.

Bird watched, his head cocked. He hopped, and flew away.

“Nothing to see here, folks.”


49 thoughts on “New Bird

  1. Haha this fun story sort of reminds me, back in the day my pet galah (a saved bird) use to mimic the house phone. He got really good at too. Kind of annoying running to the phone and no one is there lol. Sometimes he would say hello as the phone was picked up. Smart animals.

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  2. I wonder if the ring tone was set at a bird song – The old BT phones used to trill trill, but as you know many of the modern devices allow you to pick your own.
    I love how you captured the curiosity of the bird, leading to frustration and eventually disdain.

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  3. An enjoyable tale as always. I love the idea of birds critically appraising our choice of ring tones! It really happens, too. I knew a blackbird once who was excellent at copying my landline, which had a ring tone like a sort of burbling ring-ring.

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    1. Living in north-central Minnesota, we had both bluebirds and swallows in our back yard. One morning, having breakfast, we watched a swallow fly into the bluebird house. After several minutes, the swallow dragged out the bloodied bluebird and dropped it on the ground. I think it was already dead. Kind of changed my perspective on sweet little birds .


    1. I can’t really find a good answer 🙂 Sometimes, these flash fiction pieces just kind of follow their own path. Other times, I’ll have an idea and and ending before I start to write. You have to watch the word count, and sometimes that changes the direction of the story. Honestly, when I started, I wasn’t sure where it was going.


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