New Bird

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Bird cocked his head left, then right.

“You have an unusual song,” he tweeted to the shiny black and silver singer. “Are you new here?”


Bird was puzzled. “I think we need an interpreter!”


Bird called a meeting. Spy? Tourist? Terrorist? Kill him? Pull out his wing and tail feathers, then interrogate him?

Bird pulled rank. “We’re not going to torture him. Let’s just watch.”

New Bird tweeted again. A human picked him up and spoke to him.

Bird watched, his head cocked. He hopped, and flew away.

“Nothing to see here, folks.”

Getting to Know You

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson



“Neither,”said Peony. “Earth people like to make odd designs and use them for decorations”

“How do you KNOW this?” demanded Zing. Who ARE you?”  His antennae quivered with both fear and indignation.

“I am Peony.  I am from your planet.  I have been looking after you, protecting you. You are both very innocent.  Too trusting.”

“What is our planet’s name?  Who is our Leader?” asked Zang, doubting.

“Zekon, of course.  And our Leader is Zedion the Great.”

“But your name—it starts with that “Puh” sound. Not a Zekonian name.”

“It’s for undercover work, Silly!”

Secret Place


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Lisl’s heartbeat kept up with her running feet as she made her way to the little bridge where she and Hans would meet. The bridge spanned a small creek that was a playground for children, who loved to splash in the shallow water in the summer.  At this time of  year, though, the cold bite of the water wasn’t inviting.  She and Hans should be safe from prying eyes.  And it was dark. They always met when there was a moonless night, and tonight there was the smell of rain. If the temperature dropped, it might even turn to snow.

As she neared the bridge, she saw a shadow move away from the cover of a large fir tree. Cautious, she and Hans both gave the signal. They both knew that they would die if they were discovered. They were as careful as they could be, but there were always, always people who wanted to gain favor with the new government, and would turn them in with glee. The world had become a dangerous place.

Hans grabbed Lisl’s hand and led her to the cave they had made near the bridge, covering it with branches and leaves.  They’d been using it for over a  year now, and so far no one had discovered it.  They crawled in on their hands and knees, and when they were both tucked safely away from the entrance, they sat up and embraced each other. The rest of the world disappeared for them as they simply held each other. It felt safe, but they both were sensitive to any sound that didn’t belong near their hideaway. Finally, Hans whispered in Lisl’s ear.

“We have news. The Allies are planning a huge attack near Normandy.  It could be the beginning of the end.  I’m going to put note in your pocket. If you are stopped and searched, it will look like nothing more than a scrap of paper. The ink is invisible until another chemical is applied.  We can’t stay here long, Lisl, and we may not get to meet here again.  The attack will be very soon.”

“I understand, Hans.  Will you be involved in the fighting?”

“I’m not sure yet.  I hope so. I’m old enough now, and I want to do my part.”

“Oh, Hans!  I know you want to fight, but it makes me so frightened. How would I go on if you were to die?  I can’t bear to think about it!”

“I know.  I know how you feel. But some things are more important than our personal lives. You know that I love you.  God will be with you, no matter what happens.”

They stayed only a few more minutes, knowing their secret place was always in danger of discovery. With one more embrace, Hans led the way out. Lisl followed him until they both stood on the same side of the bridge.  She watched him cross to the other side, knowing it could be the last time they ever met.