Magic Key

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

Candy was excited to start typing class! At 15, she knew what she wanted: Marriage, two children, and a secretarial job. Typing was the magic key to her career.

She married. Divorced. Re-married, had two babies. Found ways to use her skills doing typing jobs at home.

Soon she had a business, to her astonishment. She had filing cabinets, customers, even a girl to answer the phone. Over time, she progressed to an electric typewriter, a word processor, a PC, a laptop.

Husband, children, career. Typing class really was the magic key to her happily ever after.


55 thoughts on “Magic Key

  1. I enjoyed your upbeat tale. Candy seized her opportunity with both hands, as it were. I very much liked the way you told us she made mistakes by telling us that she divorced her first husband. That human frailty makes her a much more rounded character.

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  2. Mike

    You have got me thinking, which is good. ! The more avenues we try the more opportunities we may find. So I guess the more writing genres we attempt, the more chances that we we find success.

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    1. Every time I step away a bit from my usual contributions here, go to the dark side now and then, I get MANY comments like “This was a surprise, coming from you!” I figure maybe I need to venture out of my norm more often, but the truth is, it’s hard for me. Need to stretch those mental muscles a bit 🙂


  3. That’s a nice feel good story Linda.
    In hindsight maybe I should have attended those typing classes my parents sent me to. Even after all these years working in technology I still need to look at the keyboard while working.

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  4. It so often only takes that one thing, however insignificant it may seem to weave a consistent thread of happiness through our lives. Or that’s what you made me think anyway. Well written !

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