I’m just back from vacation,  getting ready to go to work.  It’s usually at this time that I would be writing something based on the Word Press Daily Prompt. Sad to say, Word Press has decided to drop that feature.

There are other options out there that I need to investigate, and I will. The thing I miss most is the easy grid that went along with the prompt, where we could read each other’s posts and form cyber friendships of encouragement and bonhomie.  Perhaps we could use InLinkz instead, if there were anyone out there–not me–who would have the time and desire to moderate that.

Image result for cyber friends

In any event, while I’m not happy that Word Press has eliminated this feature, I do want to give them a nod for helping me get started on my blogging journey.  I learned, I wrote, I’ve made friends and contacts who have helped me along the way.  It’s been an invaluable experience.

So I will try to take the time to investigate whatever else is out there, and I’ll surely keep posting here on my writing blog.

Happy trails to all the rest of the hundreds of you who used the Daily Prompt.  Perhaps we’ll meet again 🙂

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