Rebels Will Rebel


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So, what did you think of first:  Rebel, the noun?  One who resists the established authority, one who stirs others to resist with him?

Or did you think of rebel, the verb:  to resist the established authority?

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Well, a rebel will rebel, won’t he?  lt’s one of those words that you can use either way, but the basic meaning is the same.

The origin of the word is interesting.  The Latin bellum means war.  And rebellis was a reference to a new declaration of war, usually on the part of the defeated.

A lot depends on perspective here.  If  you are the authority, the one who won the war, than any resistance is rebellion, right?

But if you lost the war, and you believe your cause was just and right, then rebelling seems the only good thing to do.

The one in authority doesn’t have to rebel.  All he has to do is protect his position. But sooner or later, maybe even hundreds of years later, the rebellious will finally vanquish the authority, and a new order will be established—and the cycle starts all over again. The winners are now the losers, and the losers are the rebels.

I think I’m confusing myself.


7 thoughts on “Rebels Will Rebel

  1. Then journalists will come to write up the story, adding their own perspective, and confuse us all. Ages later pro and con historians will offer their readers “The real truth behind the Rebellion of…” Some readers will say, “So that’s what it was all about!” Others will wonder if the writer has it right or not. The odd few will say, “It never happened.” Such is history. 😉

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  2. oh yes this is so right, Granonine…I like your thoughts….it´s the same direction I think a lot about good and bad lately. It is not a static changes by your own position and your perspective…like good and bad…of course everybody thinks for example that lying is a bad thing, but if you can, for example, save a life with a lie…you thing different about this lie….so you decide that a rebel who fights for the good ( which is subjective) is good and the rebel who fights for the bad (subjective aswell) is bad….

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  3. @Christine Goodnough: oh yes and we should always turn on our brain to understand why which news are communicated…o.k. in politics you need to know backgrounds, what most of the people ( inclusing me) not have….but in fact its not only political just turn on the computer and you can start watching propaganda and manipulation…; )…and also here you can decide if you think it is good or not…depending what perspective you have….

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