Evil Empire


“No!  We can’t go there!” Zang’s eyes were big and round with fear as he gazed up to what looked like an evil robot. “Look at its eyes!  They’re crossed!  Surely a sign of evil,” he insisted.

“I agree,” declared Zing, boldly holding his ground. “Zinnia/Peony, whoever  you are, we’re NOT going there!”

Zinnia sighed. “You two are trying my patience. You’ll do as  you’re told.  It’s nothing but a building. I have things to show you in there.  No harm will come. Those are NOT eyes, you silly boys. It’s just the way the lights are shining.  Come on!”


46 thoughts on “Evil Empire

  1. gahlearner

    I really wonder why they trust Zinnia, all she does is boss them around. I saw the eyes, but thought they look cartoonish. You’re right though, they also look menacing.

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  2. Zinna/Peony has adopted a rather condescending tone, hasn’t she? I can certainly understand why Zing and Zang would be scared to approach such a menacing sight. Like us Earthlings, they see faces in inanimate objects.

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