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Shanna had read the scientific explanation of the blue luminescence that seemed like magic to her.  Cold radiation.  Right.

She knew better.  Some people thought it was just the reflection of starlight in certain conditions.  They were wrong, too.

All her life, Shanna had been intrigued.  She would often slip down to the shore at night to watch the lovely blue glow, and listen to the barely discernible whispers of the ocean fairies as they dance up and down the edges of the water.

She would sit so still that the blue fairies didn’t even know she was there. Entranced by the middle-of-the-night performance, Shanna watched in wonder as they sparkled and fluttered, sometimes dipping back into the small breakers that lapped the sand.

She lived in her own world during the blue fairy season.  She never spoke, but she communicated with them, admiring their grace and joy as they danced the night away. And once, just one time, one of the tiny creatures flew up and kissed her cheek.

Scientists would never understand or appreciate the wonder of the blue ocean fairies. They had no imagination at all, poor things.


2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. anie

    what a magical story! sometimes it is nicer not to know everything. Apart from the fact that the reality is often sobering, the whole place, which is not occupied by our knowledge, is free for the imagination!

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