The Tree

(I was away last week, enjoying a vacation in Hilton Head, SC.  Came home with a horrible case of sinusitis, ear infections, laryngitis.  That’ll teach me to take a vacation!  Anyway, I’m back, and taking the week off while I recover from this ugly mess.)

stumpsPHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The little boy, hands stuffed like balls into his front pockets,  kicked his way through the wood, bark, and sawdust. His tree.  His friend, shelter, confidante.  It was hacked down and sliced like bologna,  because some kind of disease had made it weak. Sick. Dead.

Life just isn’t fair.


60 thoughts on “The Tree

      1. anie

        I also have a tree, which stands a bit away from the forest in front of my parents’ house. The bear-tree (he looked from our door like a big bear from the side) …. He is still standing there, but once the lightning has hit and now he is no longer a bear. Alone this fact made me sad at the time.

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    1. haha, o.k. this depends on HIM. If his interest going to grls, may be he will forget the tree for some time, but the memory will come back one time….I´m sure, because he had big emotions, and big emotions you do not forget!

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