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So, the Eagles must have won last night.  I’m not a football fan, so I didn’t watch the game. I know, I’m out of the mainstream.  Always have been.  I’m used to it.

The reason I figure they won is that around 9:30 p.m. the fireworks in my neighborhood began to sound like an invading army. KA-BOOM!!  over and over again, shaking the house at one point.

Don’t people have to have a permit to do that?

Not that I mind. I wasn’t asleep yet, And while I don’t share the fervor, I don’t resent those who paint themselves green and wear outlandish eagle masks.  I’m glad they enjoyed themselves, and I’m glad they’re glad.


So congrats, Eagles, even though I’m really not into the whole football scene.  I have lots of friends who are celebrating today.  I just hope they don’t hurt themselves.




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