Stay Home!


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Have you ever had to stifle a cough or a sneeze?  Especially one that takes you by surprise?  They’re the worst because you aren’t prepared.

I’m sick. I don’t think it’s flu, because my temp is normal.  Just a slight spike yesterday, back to normal today.  Still, I have all the other symptoms. The cough is painful. So is my throat.  Ears itch. Nose is either stuffy or runny or both. Body aches. Well, maybe it is the flu. I should probably call my doc, but my normal temp is 97. No doctor has ever been very concerned if it goes to 99, but for me that’s a high temperature.

Well, anyway, back to stifling that cough and sneeze. On the airplane, flying home from a week on Hilton Head, the quarters are so close it’s hard not to breathe each other’s air. I kept tissues  in my hand the whole way so I could cover up with them, stifling my cough or sneeze. 9001-42856

I saw a couple of people on the plane wearing surgical masks.  I don’t know if they were protecting themselves or all the rest of us, but it’s not a bad idea, especially during flu season.

I think that I’m going to have to stifle my urge to return to work tomorrow.  No sense in sharing this misery with anyone else.

And please, if you’re a client of mine, PLEASE don’t come to see me if you have anything contagious! Stay home. Rest, Hydrate.

This too shall pass.


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