Something Hidden


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This is a very old word, coming to us from the Greek and then through Old French and Latin, and its original meaning had to do with mystics, secrets, that which was hidden. The Bible talks about the mystery of the Church, which was hidden to the Old Testament prophets.

I love a good mystery story–one without a lot of gore, graphic descriptions of horrible deeds–just a good whodunnit,  like anything Agatha Christie ever wrote.  Did you know that the old girl is having something of a revival these days?  Younger folks are discovering her books, and falling in love with Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple.

A popular TV mystery  program was Colombo. We usually see the crime being set up and carried out. The hook for the series was to see how Colombo, played by the inimitable Peter Falk, would slowly and carefully bumble his way to forcing a confession from the sophisticated and intelligent criminal who thought Colombo was an idiot.

I see there’s a movie remake of Christie’s Orient Express, a story that is perhaps one of my favorites from this remarkable lady.

Image result

Don’t let her sweet- little- granny appearance fool you.  She had a most devious mind 🙂

3 thoughts on “Something Hidden

  1. marvel

    I also love Miss Marple and good mystery story without a lot of gore. You never should trust in appearance or behaving of people, maybe they are very good actors. Well the best is, doing no crime…; )…otherwise if Miss Marple ask, you just do not tell her anything, what she or others should not know…: )

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