I’m Not Sure

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Ann Hall

“Mother, what are these?” Ann asked.

“I’m not sure, Dear. We could ask someone.”

“Well, I guess they could be candle holders.  Look at this orange one. What would you put in that shell thing on top?”  Ann reached up to trace her finger over the curve, fascinated by the texture, when the top piece suddenly came loose.   Ann  captured it before it fell.

Mother grasped the rocking pillar, gasping as she looked into the hollow piece.

A white-faced curator arrived, taking the pillar. “What are you doing? Oh, my!  What have you done!”


64 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure

  1. Jelli

    A few of the pieces look like communion chalices, and a few like vases, while a few resemble candle holders….whatever they are, I’m sure I’d like to know what they saw within. A great story!

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  2. That’s a lovely teaser, Linda! You’ve made it very tactile with all the action and the description of Ann’s fascination with the texture. I can feel the rough white plaster of Paris beneath that viscous glaze when the bowl is detached from the pillar. Nice writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’ve written a lovely teaser, Linda – all those speculations and unanswered questions! Your piece is vivid, almost tactile with the detailed actions, and Ann’s fascination with the texture. I could practically feel the rough, white plaster of Paris beneath the viscous glaze…
    Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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