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Someone in our neighborhood just loves fireworks.  I was reading last night when suddenly it sounded as if hail was coming down on the roof.  I couldn’t imagine, so I listened more carefully and sure enough, this neighbor was getting a head start on detonating his supply of noisy fireworks. It lasted for quite some time.  I went to bed to the pop-pop-pop of the celebration, but it didn’t keep me awake.
 We can expect the same scenario every time there’s any sort of holiday, even including Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day.  Sometimes we have to try to figure out what this neighbor is celebrating, because there’s nothing on the calendar to help us out. Maybe his birthday, or anniversary. Maybe he’s just feeling good 🙂
It’s not really a problem. He doesn’t keep it up all night long. It’s just kind of a curiosity. In my childhood, the only time anyone ever set off fireworks was on the Fourth of July. We’ve lived in this neighborhood for nearly 23 years now, and it still takes me by surprise when whoever it is starts his noisy party.

5 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. I think every village, every town has its firework specialist. We only have mainly fireworks on 1st August for the national Swiss day, but there are some people that find every occasion deserves and explosion somewhere. My cat is not very happy about that. Luckily they do not last very long, just as long as the fireworks last.

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  2. Good post. Got me thinking. We used to have neighbors who, contrary to the rules and regs of this community, would set off small and large fireworks on the street in front of their house. Pets got upset, and we did too. No amount of speaking to them by us or the management stopped it. Eventually they left–foreclosed upon, or at least that was the rumor. Then they broke back in by way of the trash portal, to relieve the property of their furniture and god knows what else. Eventually it was sold, and all the flooring had been ruined and needed to be replaced. Now a happy family lives there. Your video was very nice, too!

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