Infusing Tea


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First thought:  Tea!  Wonderful, aromatic, soothing, relaxing.  So many flavors, so many different areas of the world where tea is grown, and each has a unique flavor from all the rest.

I first learned to like tea when Mom would brew  a cup when I had a sore throat. If we had honey, she would put some in the tea.  It smelled so good, and the sweet warmth truly was soothing.

But I learned to love tea many years later when I went to England with my son. That post will give you the details, if you’re interested. The aroma of the tea our hostess made was wonderful. Infusing tea the British way gives a much more refined flavor, with none of the bitterness that can show up when you just pop a tea bag into a cup of water you’ve heated in the microwave.


A true British  tea is a delight. Delicious, savory sandwiches, little cakes and other small pastries, all done in a nearly ritualistic manner,  is a unique and wonderful experience.  Of all the things we did and all the places we saw, having tea in our guide’s home was one of the biggest highlights for me.

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