Be Respectful!


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Are you jealous of your territory?  I tend to be, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe because my parents taught us that we were never to touch things that didn’t belong to us unless we got permission.  You didn’t snoop through someone’s drawers or closets. You didn’t  use someone else’s things without permission. You kept your side of the bedroom from infringing on your sister’s side.

I remember going to work one morning, years ago when I was teaching high school English and history in the private Christian school at our church.  I opened the door to my classroom, and knew instantly that someone had not only used it the previous day, Sunday, which was expected; but they had left it in a shambles. They’d had a party in their Sunday school class, leaving crumbs and sticky gunk on my desk and on the students’ desks. They’d dug through my desk drawers looking for something, and that’s what really lit me up. They hadn’t bothered to throw away the donut box, or to pick up napkins and cups, or to use the vacuum on the carpet.

Image result for messy, dirty classroom

I was furious. This was my territory, and it had been invaded.

Believe me, it didn’t happen again.  Go ahead and have your class, have your party. But remember, as I do when the school week is over on Friday, that the room will be used by someone else after you leave. Clean up after yourselves. Have some courtesy.

Seems simple to me.


7 thoughts on “Be Respectful!

  1. I’d have been furious, too. An incident like this gives one another opportunity to exercise forgiveness and forbearance, but…:(

    We were taught the same way. If it’s not yours, leave it alone. Which reminds me of the little sign I’ve many times seen in a store selling fine china:
    Lovely to look at; lovely to hold,
    but if you break it, it’s SOLD.

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    1. Zactly. I remember teaching my kids to hold their hands behind their backs in certain stores, just to remind them not to touch what did not belong to them. Do parents still teach their kids that today?


  2. Especially in this age, we have so gotten used to doing things and leaving the mess. As you implied, if we learn to keep our own little territory secure and clean, how well the whole territory would be. Thank you, you always have some down to earth practical advice for this generation. God bless.

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