A Quick Lesson in Kindness


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Shondra was new in school.She was pretty and friendly, but the year was already well under way, and she was having trouble establishing herself. She figured out pretty quickly who the cool kids were, and that’s where she felt she belonged. Some of the other kids, perfectly nice but not cool, were friendly toward her.  Didn’t matter. She knew where she needed to be.

One morning, Mrs.Crandall was walking down the hall to her classroom. She noticed Shondra slipping small white envelopes into several of the lockers. She didn’t sense anything furtive in Shondra’s behavior, but she figured she’d better make sure.

Image result for girl putting invitations in lockers

“Good morning, Shondra!  What are you up to so early in the morning?”

Shondra’s eyes rounded for just a moment,  but then she laughed. “I’m not up to anything, Mrs. Crandall.  You know I’ve been having trouble making new friends, so I talked to my mom, and I’m going to throw a party.” Her eyes sparkled with excitement. “I’m inviting all the really–well, you know–the popular kids, the top kids.  If they all come, it should be a blast!”

Mrs. Crandall managed to smile at Shondra, and to wish her well. “Just make sure you finish before everyone else starts to get here,” she said.  “It’s going to be a little hard on the kids who don’t get your invitation, don’t you think?”

Shondra was startled. “But I CAN’T invite everyone!  Our house isn’t that big!”

“I understand, Shondra. I’m just asking you to consider what it’s going to be like when some students get the invitation in their lockers, but many around them won’t. You know, it might have been a better idea to send them through the mail. I’m sure Mrs. Hooper in the office would have been happy to give you addresses.”

“Now I feel bad! I never thought about anyone being hurt.”

“If you’ll tell me where you’ve put them, I’ll help you take them out before anyone else gets here.”

“Really?  Wow.  Well, we don’t have much time. . . .thanks, Mrs. Crandall.  I didn’t mean to be unkind. I’m glad you got here in time.”



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