Slept Like a Baby!


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I am in a state of shock and awe.

I did not wake up last night. At all. I slept like a baby! Ten and a half hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep!

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I went to bed around 9:30, and I just woke up about ten minutes ago. That’s a sleep marathon!  I didn’t wake up for the bathroom.  I didn’t wake up to take my every-four-hours pain pill.  I didn’t wake up for my every-six-hours antibiotic.

I didn’t even wake up when Terry got up to go to a doctor’s appointment.  I’m sure he was up and moving around by at least 7 a.m., and I didn’t hear him.

This is huge.  I should probably call all the news outlets in town.  This never happens, not even when I’m not recovering from surgery. It’s absolutely amazing.

Maybe I’ll skip the pain pills today until or unless things start to act up.  I have to finish the antibiotic, but the pain pills are  only for when I need them. Maybe I don’t need them.

Oh frabjous day!  Caloo!  Calay!


4 thoughts on “Slept Like a Baby!

  1. Yeah! But please, please, please don’t be a superwoman or whirling dervish today. A slow waltz would be okay but let’s leave the tango for Valentine’s Day. I’m imagining your hubby ‘dipping you”. My brain definitely needs caffeine. 😂

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