I Got Nothin’


PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

The kid was silhouetted by the marquee lights. Boss couldn’t tell if he was lost, waiting for someone, or what. He just stood there. Boss took his time. You had to be careful. The cops were always  a danger, setting up their stupid stings. Boss was too smart for them. Never caught, never would be.

Finally, he sauntered over to the kid. “Hey, kid. You  lookin’ for somethin’?”

“If you’re Boss, I’m lookin’ for you. Friend of mine told me where to wait. You got anything good on you?”

Boss’s instincts were red hot.”No. Nothin.'”

Boss left.

38 thoughts on “I Got Nothin’

  1. Great beginning! Swift ending. 🙂

    Mind if I snip, snip?
    The kid stood there, silhouetted by the marquee lights. Was he lost? Waiting for someone? A runaway? Boss couldn’t decide so he took his time. This would free up some words so you could give a few more details.

    I really like these Friday Fiction shorts! Trouble is, I’m such an inveterate editor. (What is that word for when you just can’t help yourself?)

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    1. Compulsive? And I don’t mind at all. When you shoot out a 100=word story in a hurry, you don’t spend much time editing. I did, however, make some changes to stay within the word limit 🙂


    1. Rowena, I don’t think I could write any kind of story about a pedophile. In my work as a counselor, that’s the one client I will not accept. I can’t even imagine sitting in the same room with someone who has harmed a child in that way. Dealing drugs isn’t better, though, is it?

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      1. I agree. Unfortunately, I automatically make the jump because there is a very public and tragic case of 12 year old Daniel Morcombe who went missing from a bus stop in Australia. A massive search was launched and your heart went into the story…especially as he has an identical twin brother. My daughter catches a train and a bus to school and I do worry and I know this tragedy is at the bottom of it. I went to Google Daniel and found a foundation set up in his memory to education kids to stay safe. I’ll be reading this closely and speaking to my kids’ schools now.
        Dealing in drugs is also horrific, especially ice and heroin.
        Makes mother hen feel like keeping her chicks in the nest, even though they need their freedom to grow!
        BTW, as a counsellor I thought you’d be interested in reading about the sunflowers I am growing from the seeds salvaged from the MH17 crash side in the Ukraine. I’ve been writing about this for some time but I’ll link you through to my latest update: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2016/12/22/sunflower-a-christmas-miracle/
        Bless you.
        xx Rowena

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      2. Thanks! I’ll be sure to go take a look.

        You’re so right about us moms wanting to keep our kids safe. Not easy to do in a world where it seems like the bad guys are more protected by the law than the good guys are. Horrible stories abound. I have nine grandchildren. Three of them live in Germany, and right now that’s a very scary place. I’m thankful I have the Lord to turn to.

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      3. I well understand your fears about your grandchildren living in Germany, especially after events in Berlin. I lived in Heidelberg for 6 months back in 1992. A terrorist plot was stopped in Melbourne before Christmas so we are not without concerns here, although we feel pretty safe. We’ve had such a relaxing time after Christmas, that it’s hard to believe there’s a trouble in the world.
        I am also thankful for God’s love and guidance.
        I hope you and your family have a safe and blessed New Year.

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  2. Great tension. Reminded me of a kid I once saw sitting on the same bench in my town every time I passed that busy day – taking and picking my kids up from school, going out to an evening class myself. Found a community police officer and asked him to wander over and check it out, but never found out who the kid was and why he was there.
    Good story.

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  3. The kid played his hand to soon. He didn’t get to be the Boss by being stupid or naïve. I have a feeling sooner or later he’ll trip himself up. That’s how it usually happens. Overconfidence and pride.

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