Clearing Up, Cleaning Out


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Ah yes, we’re in the season of New Year’s Resolutions and all that goes with them:  Renewed gym memberships, renewed subscriptions to Weight Watchers, renewed determination to start counting carbs more carefully again.  Renewed desires to clean out closets, drawers, and storage bins; to go through kitchen cupboards and the linen closet, to chase the dust bunnies out the door and maybe even wash some curtains.

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But I can’t. Not yet.  Well, I could count carbs, and I truly have considered returning to a more stringent effort in that direction. But the physical stuff is on hold. Less than two weeks now to my surgery date. After proper recovery, I’m hoping to accomplish some of the things I mentioned above.  My house needs some TLC, for sure.

I don’t do resolutions, though. Gave it up years ago when I realized they were good for about a month and then I’d begin to fade. I know what needs to be done.  I know how to do it. Making lists of promises to myself has never worked very well for me.

Anyway, it makes me tired to think about it all.  I think I’ll go have my coffee 🙂


9 thoughts on “Clearing Up, Cleaning Out

    1. It’s a relatively minor procedure to fuse my sacro-iliac joint. That joint isn’t supposed to move, but mine does because of degenerative joint disease. The fusion is supposed to stop the pain. If it goes well, they’ll send me home the same day, short two-week recovery, then back to my normal life.

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  1. Avijit Roy

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