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What  great word.  A word that sounds like what it is. Plop.  Plip-plop.  Drip-drop.  Rain, a leaky faucet, a pebble tossed into still water. I tend to think of it as a small sound rather than a big, booming sound.

If you look at the picture, though, you see than one tiny plop of water has an amazing effect as the impact causes waves to ripple outward.

Words are like that. One little word can have a ripple effect that touches many lives.

I saw on my news feed this morning that Phyllis Schlafly has died at the age of 92. She was just a little woman, but what a mind!  She became an icon of conservatism back in the 70s and 80s, and though many younger people won’t know who she was, she was highly respected-and hated-even in the liberal camp. Why?  Because she was smart, and she wasn’t afraid to tell the truth, and she never, ever quit.


I heard her on a radio interview just this past summer, still sharp as a tack and eloquent about  our political scene.

Some may think she was just a plop, a little noise with little effect. If that’s what you think,  you should go read up on all that she did, on the causes she championed, on the world leaders who spoke with her because she represented Constitutionalism, free market economy, capitalism,  the power of women, truth-telling. She was amazing.

She was head of the Eagle Forum, which I’m sure will continue to be a voice for conservatism even though she is gone.  She was so much more than just a little plop, a little drop. If there is any such thing.


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