Days I’ve Loved

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?


Christmas Days.  I love the ambience of the day.  Family, friends, good food, good fellowship. Shiny faces and sparkling eyes of little children, the heightened anticipation of getting through breakfast so they can start opening gifts. Christmas music.  Nothing like it. And of course the reason we celebrate, Jesus Christ.

Long summer days.  Days of innocence and pure pleasure, from the simple delight of a popsicle dripping down your arm to the joy of splashing into  a lake, pool, or ocean to cool off. Green everywhere.  Summer flowers. Long, sociable evenings in the yard, on the porch, around a campfire.  Singing the old songs at a church hymn sing. Relaxation.  Iced tea in sweaty glasses. The ever-present smell of someone, somewhere, firing up the barbecue.

My wedding day.  First day of a whole new era. Excitement, nerves, details, dressing, the meeting of his eyes and mine down the length of the aisle.  My dad giving me his arm.Loving these two most important men in my life:  My dad. My husband.  The newness doesn’t wear off right away.  Those first months as newlyweds carry the special feel of the wedding day.  Unforgettable.

The birth days of each of my children. The first, because this is something I’d never done before and everything was new and a little bit scarey. The second, because he was two weeks late and it was nearly Christmas and this time I DID know what was going to happen.  The third, because he, also was two weeks late; the biggest baby I had at 9lb. 7 oz., and we went to the soccer game while I was in the early stages, just to pass the time.  The fourth because we got our little girl, and we had decided that if it was a girl, we were done.  She was born on a Sunday morning, and the nursery chairman had a pink rose put on the church organ in her honor. Each new life was welcomed and loved long before making the grand entrance. They still are.

And now we have nine grandchildren. My word. Remember this golden oldie?

I could write all day along these lines.  I’ve had many wonderful days, some truly terrible days, and a lot of ordinary days.  I’m thankful for each and every one.


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